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Strategic Channel Partners

Efficiency Capital has carefully selected a comprehensive, well-rounded team of channel partners to provide property owners and asset managers a complete energy retrofit package. This ensures the highest level of professionalism in the engineering, financing, installation, insuring and monitoring of energy retrofit projects.

How It Works

Only four steps to shrinking your utility bill, eliminating wasted energy, and reducing your carbon footprint. EC provides a seamless, single-source solution as our team designs, finances, installs, manages and monitors your building retrofit.


About Us

Corporate Profile

Efficiency Capital (EC) is a Toronto-based, privately-held Canadian corporation. The Atmospheric Fund is a strategic capital partner.

EC works with owners of commercial, industrial and multi-residential buildings, coordinating with landlords and institutions to enhance their asset values by installing performance guaranteed energy efficiency upgrades. EC allows property owners and asset managers to increase overall building profit by realizing savings on operating costs and achieving significant declines in greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy consumption.

EC is a single-source provider of comprehensive, well-managed solutions that ensure the highest standards in building energy efficiency. The EC team supervises the engineering, investment, installation, and monitoring of energy upgrade projects. EC earns back its capital and professional services investment by sharing the clients’ utility cost savings.

EC is well positioned to serve a dynamic real estate market where reducing operating costs by lowering utility expenses is a competitive advantage, augments a building portfolio’s financial returns and boosts metrics associated with sustainability.

The Atmospheric Fund

The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) is a regional climate agency that invests in low-carbon solutions in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area and helps scale them up for broad implementation. TAF is an experienced leader and collaborates with stakeholders in the private, public and non-profit sectors who have ideas and opportunities for reducing carbon emissions. Supported by endowment funds, TAF advances the most promising concepts, particularly those that offer benefits beyond carbon reduction such as improving people’s health, creating new green jobs, boosting urban resiliency and contributing to a more fair society. TAF developed the ESPA™ and incubated Efficiency Capital to advance the ESPA™ model across various client segments. For more information about TAF, visit TAF’s website at TAF.ca


Board of Advisors

Why EC

Up to 100% of the costs are covered through our investment so you preserve your capital

Because EC pays up to 100% of the energy efficiency upgrade, the building’s capital is preserved and can be used for other purposes.

No debt on your balance sheet

Based on advice to EC from a “big four” accounting firm, the ESPA investment approach is not considered debt. The agreement therefore does not create a balance sheet liability and a borrowing by-law is not required. While this advice comes from a knowledgeable and professional source, you should still review the agreement with your own advisors.

Your energy savings are insured

An A-rated insurance company insures the energy savings. This means that if your savings are lower than expected, you don’t pay the difference – the insurer does.

We take on the risk

Within the term of the contract and the expected life of the equipment, EC assumes the risk of ownership and performance.

We are product agnostic

We install the best products at the best prices, regardless of who the manufacturer is.

There is alignment of interests

The building owner wants properly functioning equipment and their portion of energy savings. EC wants to earn a return on its investment in the retrofit. An ROI is only possible if the retrofit is successful. The insurer wants to avoid paying a claim. In this way, all three stakeholders have an incentive to make sure that the retrofit is successful.

Your emissions are reduced

Reducing energy consumption saves money and the environment. As your utility bill shrinks, so does your carbon footprint.

Tax benefits

The cost saving payment is part of a service agreement which is a tax deductible expense in the year that it is paid to EC. Depending on your entity’s legal structure (corporation, partnership or not-for-profit organization) the tax benefits that accrue may differ. Please consult your tax professional.

What’s the catch? Is this too good to be true?

We intentionally created a product and service that eliminates the many barriers to energy conservation in the building sector. We saw a prime business opportunity in a niche market that few other companies are currently exploring. Prior to investing in EC, Toronto Atmospheric Fund used its $23 million endowment as leverage to test this approach to encourage energy efficiency, diminish greenhouse gases, and earn a healthy return on investment. The success on all three fronts demonstrated that energy conservation turns out to be an opportune business venture. EC is expanding market share based on TAF’s thoroughly researched pilot projects in this field.


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