Efficiency Capital
Efficiency Capital Welcomes New Board of Advisors
January 15, 2019


Toronto, ON –Efficiency Capital today announced the completion of the management buyout of its existing shareholders by the management team of the company. To execute this, the current CEO of the company, Chandra Ramadurai, a veteran banker and investment specialist partnered with EC’s former CEO Matt Zipchen, who has taken on the role of President. The purchase was completed with the full support of The Atmospheric Fund (TAF). TAF originally incubated EC to be the exclusive licensee and delivery partner for its award-winning Energy Savings Performance Agreement™ (ESPA).

EC offers the ESPA™ to a variety of building stakeholders from multi-residential to commercial and industrial. As Ramadurai explains “There is a huge market need for energy efficiency upgrades and a strong market desire to invest in these upgrade opportunities. What has been lacking a mechanism to bring both the stakeholders together. Efficiency Capital’s business model achieves this in a seamless way.” Ramadurai added, “EC links front end project management with back end capital investment, meeting a critical market need.”

About Efficiency Capital

Efficiency Capital (EC) is Canada’s first and only developer and investor in energy efficiency upgrade projects. EC does this using various customized financial solutions – foremost among them being the award winning ESPA™ investment methodology developed by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF). EC serves clients in the multi-residential, commercial, industrial and MUSH segments