Part of the Social Housing Readiness Initiative (SHRI) program




Wednesday, May 4, 2022
9 A.M. to 12 P.M. EST


Thursday, May 5, 2022
9 A.M. to 12 P.M. EST

Admission is FREE


A two-part educational workshop series with the goal to prepare multi-family housing board members, owners/operators and property managers for energy efficiency retrofit projects.


WELCOME Beata Domanska, Efficiency Capital
OPENING REMARKS Chandra Ramadurai, CEO, Efficiency Capital
OPENING REMARKS Ian McVey, Manager of Sustainability, Durham Region
BUILDING THE BUSINESS CASE Matt Zipchen, President, Efficiency Capital Matt Zipchen will present an overview of how to build the business case for an energy efficiency retrofit.
  • Understand what triggers an energy retrofit and how the retrofit process works
  • Review the analysis tools
  • Review the business case framework and how to make the case for energy efficiency
  • Learn what is included in the business case
  • Learn to recognize the many sources of value flowing from an energy retrofit and how they impact building operations
  • Review how to manage potential risk
TECHNICAL PROCESS Ian Sinclair, P.Eng., Energy Management Consultant Ian Sinclair will lead participants through the energy retrofit planning and implementation process from start to finish.
  • Learn what needs to be in place to move forward with an energy retrofit
  • Review the technical analysis process and the various approaches to implementation
  • Learn when to outsource vs. insource retrofit work
  • Learn to select and hire the right partners
  • Understand the various technical professional roles, and how they add value to an efficiency project
  • Understand the role of the building owner in moving a project forward
RETROFIT ENGINEERING Derrick Finn, P.Eng., President, Finn Projects Derrick Finn will walk through retrofit engineering activities. Participants will learn:
  • How the audit process works
  • What the different types of audits reveal about a building
  • How to use an audit to analyze building performance and select retrofit measures
  • The impact that various measures can have on energy consumption
  • The value of utility analysis and benchmarking
  • How to make sure the retrofit is producing results after implementation
IMPLEMENTATION Marcia O’Connor, President, AM FM Consulting Group Marcia O’Connor will share strategies and best practices for energy retrofit implementation. Building owners, property managers and board members will learn:
  • How an energy efficient building contributes to the health and happiness of its residents and staff
  • How to implement efficiency maintenance practices
  • How to design a staff training plan for better outcomes
  • How to build support and manage resistance from staff and residents
  • How to realize retrofit value with Monitoring and Verification
  • Why accounting practices to monitor utility savings are essential
PANEL: RETROFIT INSIGHT Moderator: Sean Brady, Efficiency Capital

Jacek Sochacki, Project Manager – Asset Management and Sustainability, Durham Region

Wen Li, M.Eng., Sustainability Analyst, Purpose Building

Mwarigha, Vice President, Woodgreen Community Services

Lana Nwaokoro, Manager, Oak Street Housing Co-operative Inc.
This interactive panel session is not to be missed. Hear from industry experts and building operators who successfully completed efficiency retrofits. Panelists will present their insights and answer participants’ questions about the energy efficiency retrofit process.
WELCOME Beata Domanska, Efficiency Capital
OPENING REMARKS Mathew Day, Community Energy Program Manager, WR Community Energy
BUSINESS CASE ANALYSIS Ian Sinclair, P.Eng., Energy Management Consultant Ian Sinclair will explain how to analyze financial data when making the business case for an energy retrofit. Learn:
  • How to interpret the results of an energy audit
  • The value of blending short and long-term measures to achieve the best return on investment
  • How the various financial tools work and how they contribute to the decision-making process
  • How to analyze cash flow and cost benefits
  • How energy retrofits compare to other investment vehicles
RETROFITTING WITH TENANTS IN PLACE Emma Cotten, Intern Analyst, Pembina Institute Poorly managed tenant engagement for retrofit projects involving multi-unit residential buildings can affect schedules, budgets, and project outcomes. Well-planned and ongoing tenant engagement can ensure projects are on schedule, on budget and meet the tenants’ needs. This workshop will highlight best practices for communicating tenant concerns with all stakeholders to reduce risk and facilitate a more efficient and holistic retrofit.
FINANCING STRATEGIES Matt Zipchen, President, Efficiency Capital Matt Zipchen will discuss how upgrades are being funded today, and the various funds and incentives available to building owners.
PANEL: FINANCE Moderator: Chaim Koff, Project Manager, Better Building Partnerships, City of Toronto

Chandra Ramadurai, CEO, Efficiency Capital

Jonathan Frank, Head of Clean Energy, Vancity

Jamie Shipley, Outreach Specialist, Partnerships and Promotions, Ontario Region, CMHC

Jen Arntfield, Lead, Sustainable Affordable Housing, FCM
Attend this interactive session to have all your financing efficiency retrofit questions answered. A panel of experts will provide insights into financing tools and strategies for multi-family housing retrofits, and address participants’ questions.
CLOSING REMARKS Efficiency Capital



CEO, Efficiency Capital

Chandra Ramadurai is the CEO of Efficiency Capital. He brings over two decades of experience in clean energy, banking and investment management in Canada, the US, Europe, the Middle East and India. Previously, he was the CEO at IT Power, one of the world’s oldest sustainability companies based in the UK and has held senior-level level positions at Suzlon Energy, a large wind energy company, Cemex, Standard Chartered Bank and PWC. Chandra is an engineer, certified accountant, and holds an MBA from Duke University. Leading Efficiency Capital, he feels he’s finally found his calling.


Manager of Sustainability, Durham Region

Ian McVey works as the Manager of Sustainability within the Office of the CAO at the Regional Municipality of Durham. In this role he leads the implementation of the Durham Community Energy Plan, Community Climate Adaptation Plan and Corporate Climate Action Plan. Recognizing that municipalities have a key catalyst role for local and regional climate action, Ian’s work is centred around partnership development both internally across departments & divisions, as well as externally with Durham Region’s 8 local area municipalities, 5 Conservation Authorities, 4 energy utilities, 3 post-secondary institutions and a wide range of other public and private sector actors.


President, Efficiency Capital

Matt Zipchen is the President of Efficiency Capital. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Public Policy and has over two decades of experience in green building consulting, renewable energy and sustainable development and energy efficiency financing. An experienced public speaker, Matt has shared his expertise across many speaking engagements including Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance’s annual conference and Efficiency Capital’s Social Housing Readiness Initiative webinar series.


Energy Management Consultant, Ian Sinclair Consultant

Ian Sinclair is a professional engineer, dividing his time between the building energy and education fields. Ian focuses on the existing building and renewable energy sectors. He has completed numerous studies and retrofit projects in the multi-residential sector, from solar thermal retrofits to electric vehicle charging to deep green building renewal studies. Ian teaches courses ranging from water footprinting to energy management at both the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. He is currently teaching a new course on multi-sector carbon mitigation strategies for a new Master’s degree program in climate science engineering at U of T.


President, Finn Projects

Derrick is a Professional Engineer with experience in energy management, engineering design, construction management and maintenance management. As President of Finn Projects for the last 30 years, Derrick has managed the company’s energy efficiency projects from energy auditing through detailed engineering design to tendering, retrofit implementation and measurement & verification of energy savings. Derrick supervises Finn Projects’ turnkey Design-Build energy retrofit services for social housing buildings, for which Finn Projects provides guaranteed energy savings.


President, AM FM Consulting Group

Marcia O’Connor is the founder of AM FM Consulting Group. She provides management consulting, professional development and recruitment services to the private, public and non-profit sectors. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Marcia is a seasoned educator, speaker and an accomplished expert in all aspects of asset, facility, property and construction management. Marcia is credited with pioneering the first Facilities Management Certificate Program at the University of Toronto, and was awarded the Facility Manager of Excellence by the International Facility Management Association’s Toronto Chapter. Marcia works with many housing organizations across Canada, focusing on strategic implementation planning and stakeholder engagement. Her expertise includes maintenance operations, tenant relationships and capital planning.


Director, Efficiency Capital

Sean Brady is a trusted strategy advisor, strategic carbon and energy efficiency consultant and a certified business coach and trainer. Following 30 years developing strategies to overcome Ontario’s complex energy challenges, Sean blends his passion for corporate sustainability with his drive for business success. As a strategic energy management consultant, and as Efficiency Capital’s Director of Business Development, Sean helps clients understand that sustainability and resource optimization can be a platform for profitability and competitiveness. Sharing his expertise with diverse audiences, Sean has acted as brand spokesperson for multiple projects, leading seminars and advisory sessions with ease.


Vice President, Woodgreen Community Services

Mwarigha is the Vice-President of Housing and Homelessness Services, Asset Sustainability & Development at WoodGreen. Mwarigha holds a Masters in Regional & Urban Planning, and a certificate in Non-Profit Financial Stewardship from Harvard University. In 2012, Mwarigha completed a study of Sweden’s Municipal sustainability services and green infrastructure planning. Since then, he’s been inspired to green all the social housing assets he oversees. Most recently, Mwarigha led the charge on a $3.4M retrofit project, using a combination of WoodGreen’s reserve fund and an investment from Efficiency Capital. He expects the project to generate utility savings of $6 million.

WEN LI, M.Eng.

Sustainability Analyst, Purpose Building

Wen has been focused on closing the gap between ideas and scalable action for sustainability initiatives since 2007. She has a passion for net zero buildings and is experienced in energy efficiency and carbon reduction for municipal, commercial, and healthcare facilities. In 2018 Wen co-founded a non-profit group to teach sustainability through project-based learning, working with students across 5 continents.


Project Manager – Asset Management and Sustainability, Durham Region

Jacek Sochacki works as the Project Manager of Asset Management, Planning and Sustainability within the Design Construction and Asset Management group of the Works Division. In this role he leads the creation and implementation of Regional Asset Management plans for Regional facilities, as well as their alignment with corporate GHG reduction targets via the decarbonization plan. Recognizing the gap between current building standards adopted by the Region and its green aspirations Jacek is working on the development of the corporate Durham Standard.


Manager, Oak Street Housing Co-operative Inc.

Lana is the Manager of Oak Street Housing Co-op, a 38 year old federal section 95 housing co-op with 149 units in downtown Toronto which comprises 101 apartments and 48 townhouses as well as a commercial property. She has managed a variety of municipal and federal co-ops as well as a non-for profit housing provider in the GTA within the last nine years. Oak Street has undergone the highest concentration of capital projects and energy efficiency retrofits in its history within the last 5 years after receiving funds through refinancing. The co-op made use of Preservation Funding and incentives from Enbridge and Toronto Housing as well as the Home Assistance Program.


Community Energy Program Manager, WR Community Energy

Matthew Day is the Community Energy Program Manager for WR Community Energy, a strategic partnership between the municipalities and utilities of Waterloo Region designed to coordinate the local, clean, and equitable energy transition. His work focuses on local energy use and generation, energy integration with land-use policies, and community-scale special projects. Previously, Matthew spent a decade managing a corporate GHG reporting program with Sustainable Waterloo Region. Matthew holds an M.A in Urban and Economic Geography from the University of Toronto. He lives on the same downtown streets he once roamed as a punk kid in the 90’s.


Intern Analyst, Pembina Institute

Emma Cotten is an intern Analyst with the Pembina Institute, working primarily on the Reframed Initiative. Her research focuses on the occupants’ experience and wellbeing throughout the retrofit process and as a result realize the potential of non-energy co-benefits. Prior to joining Pembina, Emma worked in corporate wellness and public health outreach. Her multi-disciplinary background brings a new lens to the retrofit space. She has a Masters in Kinesiology and a graduate certificate in the Policy and Science of Climate Change. Outside of work you can catch her climbing up rock walls and hiking up mountains.


Project Manager, Better Buildings Partnership, City of Toronto

Chaim Koff, our moderator for this panel, is a Certified Energy Manager with an MBA and 10 years of energy efficiency financing experience. He has managed over $30 Million in financing projects and is currently working with a pipeline of new projects through the City of Toronto Energy Retrofit loan programs. Chaim’s expertise focuses on developing innovative energy retrofit projects through positive customer experiences.


Lead, Sustainable Affordable Housing, Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Jen is the Lead of Sustainable Affordable Housing at FCM. Jen led the design of the SAH funding offer and now focuses on effective program operationalization and continuous improvement and strategic partnerships. Prior to joining FCM, Jen led the design and implementation of the City of Calgary’s Affordable Housing strategy.


Head of Clean Energy, Vancity

Jonathan (Jon) Frank serves as Head of Clean Energy at Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB) and is involved in all aspects of project financing. Jon joined VCIB through the acquisition of CoPower, Canada’s first sustainable investment platform and a leading provider of clean energy and efficiency project financing, where he served as a Managing Director and Head of Project Finance. Jon has been involved in a wide range of clean energy technologies across Canada that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate strong financial returns including solar and wind energy, energy efficiency retrofits, geothermal heating and cooling, bio-energy, combined heat and power and energy storage.


Outreach Specialist, Partnerships and Promotions, Ontario Region, CMHC

Jamie Shipley has 30 years’ experience in the residential construction industry including over 25 years with CMHC. Jamie’s role at CMHC includes promoting the creation of sustainable affordable housing and delivering on the National Housing Strategy. Jamie shares technical and social economic information about aging in place and affordable housing programs with builders, developers, renovators, planners, and housing design professionals across Ontario. Jamie is also a member of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists.