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Efficiency Capital Welcomes New Board of Advisors
January 15, 2019
Efficiency Capital
EC & Scarborough Heights CO-OP Complete Comprehensive Efficiency Upgrades
June 18, 2019


TORONTO, ON – Efficiency Capital (EC) delivered a specialized financing solution for The Albany Club to complete needed energy efficiency upgrades in the club’s historic downtown Toronto buildings. EC was tapped to help the private club with an innovative strategy to make their building more energy efficient and comfortable.

EC secured government incentives and a low-interest specialized loan designed to ensure energy savings are greater than the payments over time. All the savings were passed on to the club and a number of much-needed upgrades were rolled into the financing arrangement. The Club’s members will enjoy a range of high impact building improvements with no increase in fees or special assessments. With no title against security and no capital required to start the work, the project was cashflow positive from day one.

Retrofits include a new HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, electrical upgrades, high efficiency plumbing fixtures and a smart technology system that uses sensors to control building temperature.

The Albany Club is one of Canada’s premier private clubs for business and political leaders. Established in1882, the club has a rich history of welcoming Canadian business leaders and special events. albanyclub.ca

About Efficiency Capital

Efficiency Capital (EC) is Canada’s first and only developer and investor in energy efficiency upgrade projects. EC does this using various customized financial solutions – foremost among them being the award winning ESPA™ investment methodology developed by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF). EC serves clients in the multi-residential, commercial, industrial and MUSH segments