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Albany Club Taps Efficiency Capital To Provide Efficiency Solutions For Its Building Infrastructure
April 20, 2019
Efficiency Capital
Introducing Efunder, Efficiency Capital’s New Funcing Option For Sustainable Building Upgrades
September 29, 2020


TORONTO, ON – Scarborough Heights Co-op needed to replace and renew its aging equipment but didn’t have sufficient reserves to complete the renewals. Efficiency Capital delivered a multi-measure efficiency upgrade , including high-efficiency boilers, make-up air unit, variable drives and pumps, LED lights, a building automation system and accessibility complaint low-flow toilets.

Efficiency Capital invested in the upgrades and leveraged specialized financing so that all of the savings generated from the project will pay for the entire upgrade. In addition, EC guaranteed energy savings on the project for over the next eight years. This partnership structure delivered a win-win solution for Scarborough Heights and the other stakeholders in the project.

About Efficiency Capital

Efficiency Capital (EC) is Canada’s first and only developer and investor in energy efficiency upgrade projects. EC does this using various customized financial solutions – foremost among them being the award winning ESPA™ investment methodology developed by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF). EC serves clients in the multi-residential, commercial, industrial and MUSH segments