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EC & Scarborough Heights CO-OP Complete Comprehensive Efficiency Upgrades
June 18, 2019
Efficiency Capital
Woodgreen Community Housing Funds Building Upgrades Through Utility Savings Using Efficiency Capital’s Innovative Investment Strategy
October 7, 2020


TORONTO, ON – Leveraging the financial and environmental rewards of recent building upgrades, Efficiency Capital is pleased to present eFunder, a fundamentally unique approach to unlocking capital to improve aging infrastructure. Offered as a new alternative to the award-winning ESPA™ approach, EC’s new product was developed with owners and managers in mind as COVID-19 has significantly increased occupant use and wear and tear on buildings.

Designed for building owners looking to fund energy-efficient improvements and ongoing maintenance of their assets, eFunder is available to those who have already made recent improvements and are looking for a new way to reinvest in their buildings with existing assets and further improve performance.

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About Efficiency Capital

Offering energy savings as a service, Efficiency Capital is a unique performance-based investment solutions provider that upgrades the energy and environmental performance of buildings with no upfront cost to the owner. Efficiency Capital partners with multi-residential, social housing, commercial, industrial and institutional building owners to fund, develop and manage sustainable upgrades. Guaranteed to reduce costs, decrease carbon footprints and increase asset value, Efficiency Capital offers an array of funding solutions, with the primary solution being the award-winning ESPA™ (Energy Savings Performance Agreement) developed by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF).